About Us

From simple procedures to complex reconstructions and implant dentistry, we can treat your oral health needs. Our practice offers the most modern dentistry in a low volume caring environment. With the newest technology, we now offer same day restorations.  Dr. Kelley designs your custom restoration using a high tech scanner and mill that fabricates your crown while you wait in our office. No need for impressions or two separate appointments. We emphasize preventive care and a long term approach to dentistry where patients achieve optimal health over their lifetime. Treatment is tailored to individual needs, goals, and budgets. Care for children is a favorite part of our practice.

Since 1992, Dr. Eric S. Kelley and staff have striven to provide quality dental care in a family-oriented environment. Offering a wide array of diagnostic, preventive, and restorative care, we effectively train the members of our community in the importance of oral hygiene.  Kelley Dentistry is a low volume practice which means we offer more accommodation and quality time with our patients. Most procedures are completed by Dr. Kelley and not the Dental Assistant.  Dr. Kelley also completes most all dental procedures therefore, you will not be sent back and forth to other Doctors to complete your treatment plan. 

Our mission is to treat patients as friends and provide them with state of the art dental procedures tailored to individual needs and goals.

We believe in a comprehensive, preventive, long-term approach to dental care. A majority of dental conditions can be avoided by optimizing form and function of the oral structures as early as possible. This can mean a much healthier condition with less maintenance over a person’s lifetime. We encourage children to visit us with their parent. This ensures confidence of the child and communication with the parent.

All people are made differently. They have different forms of facial structure, teeth and gums. Their needs, goals, and biologic constraints require an artistic approach rather than a “cookie cutter” approach. For some, aesthetic needs exceed all other needs. For others the most cost effective, durable options are preferred. Artistic approach ensures harmony of the oral apparatus to facial form. All restorations are placed by Dr. Kelley and not a dental assistant.

Dental procedures are easier than ever but still are not something most people look forward to. We pride ourselves on compassionate care. Simply, we believe in treating people like we would like to be treated. We are never in a hurry and take time to ensure procedures are done in the most comfortable manner. Anesthesia and sedation will be tailored to individual needs.

Dental science has changed dramatically with the computer age. Many new procedures and materials are available. We use the best scientifically proven materials for the given indication. Predictable, long term success of treatment depends upon selection of the best material.

Dr. Kelley also offers Botox and Juvederm for our patients! Call us today!